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iPhone Simulator Download

Test iphone 100% free on your windows computer

iPhone simulator is free software which allow you to test iPhone before buy it

iPhone Simulator Download

Nowadays, iPhone is the most popular phone of the world.
This iPhone simulator specially designed to test iPhone in windows computer.
Iphone Simulator has all options of the real iPhone except call, sms camera function, etc.
But you can’t install new iPhone application to this iPhone Simulator.

Installing this freeware you can get a sharp idea about the iPhone, and you can decide to buy it or not.

This iPhone simulator specially designed to test iPhone in windows computer

iPhone Simulator

iPhone SimulatoriPhone Simulator 2Disclaimer-

This Iphone Simulator is not based on iOS. It’s virtually created using flash contents.

iOS and iPhone copyrighted trade mark on Apple inc

All the Flash content copyrighted with wynd warrior and newgrounds.com

simulator.name only hosted iPhone simulator as a software.

Example Dreamboard


xample dreamboard theme.




Specification of iNav Dream board theme

Compatible devices -

Theme isn’t compatible with following devices

Compatible iOS versions -

Price -

How to install – Go to Cydia and search as iNav Dream

Lock Screen – Available

Clock – Available

User friendly




Cydia Sources

Cydia Sources is the most important thing of jailbroken iPhones. Themes, ring tones, wallpapers, screen lock and many more can be gotten to your iDevices, which are unavailable in official Apple Store. You can access to these Cydia Sources, and you can get Cydia Source’s applications both are free and paid via web sites which your provid by Cydia Sources. You can search, download, install almost any free and paid Cydia Source’s applications and any full Cydia Source’s Applications via Cydia Sources.

As I think, without applications no iDevices. However official Apple store hasindroduced few main applications to iDevices. So iDevices run by those applications. Then users can do normal things on the iDevices with using those applications. However, if you have Cydia, you can get lots of applications both free and paid to your iDevices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Touch. These applications make your iDevices usage easy, colorful, fast and more reliable. These applications can be gotten by Cydia Sources.

More details about Cydia Sources

Cydia Download – for Windows and Mac users.


Normally Apple store has provided some little application for iDevice Users. It will may be boring and hard your iDevice usage. There is a real solution for this now. It is a Cydia. Cydia is a free third party application. It brings the lot of new features, which are not available in the official Apple Store.Cydia is for all of your iDevices such as any iPhone, any iPod Touch and any iPad. It is very easy to download for both Windows and Mac users.

Many jailbreaking software installs Cydia automatically after jailbreak process. Otherwise you have to use software just like Cydia Download, Cydia Download is the simple windows application which you can allow to download aind install Cydia to your jailbriken apple idevcies. currently Cydia Download tool only works with windows OS

The main thing is to get this amazing application you want to Jailbreak or Unlock your iDevices. Other wise you cat get this application.

The main thing is to get this amazing application you want to Jailbreak or Unlock your iDevices. Other wise you cat get this application.


Benefits of Cydia.


  1. iDevice look and themes can customize.
  2. The Background color can change as your choice.
  3. Can download files directly to iDevice.
  4. Help you to modify the basic interface of the OS
  5. You can pass Apple’s ring tones editor to create ring tones your own.
  6. Can get new SMS features like Signature,Passcode lock,Quick Compose,Quick reply for default boring and limited SMS app on the iPhone.
  7. You can start your iDevice just the sound of your voice.


To get above benefits you must have to download Cydia. After downloading Cydia, it wants to restore to your iDevices.


There are three ways to restore Cydia. One of these three ways is paid one. Other two ways are free.


Absinthe is the most popular jailbreaking tool. It is the only tool which we can use jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2. In this time many people are buying iPhone4S and iPad2 because new features just like Siri are only available with iPhone 4S and iPad2.

Absinthe is product of Greenpois0n team. they have been working for years to release product to jailbreak iPhone4S and iPad2. Finally they developed absinthe.




Absinthe download is the simple tool which downloads and installs absinthe according to your iOS firmware version of iPhone4S or iPad2. This tool warns you if you try to download absinthe for wrong version of iOS firmware. sometimes it may harm to your iPhone if you use absinthe to wrong version of iOS


iPhone Simulator of Mobione

Mobione is a best way to  create iPhone applications. You can download mobione to your windows computer and design applications with  visual interfaces. Mobione provides  best iPhone simulator to edit applications live.  You can edit application dragging and dropping inside this iPhone Simulator. After creating your application you can use this Simulator to test your iPhone applications.

You can find more details about mobione using this Mobione reviews

Watch following video to learn more about Mobione application development.


Mobione is the popular iPhone development service. Iphone Simulatior of Mobione is the best part of this service. you can learn to create Mobione apps inside visual interfaces using this video

IPad Simulator

You can Download iPad simulator from virtualipad.net. If you like to buy a iPad, but you haven’t seen iPad yet virtual iPad is good option to you.   Using virtual iPad you can’t get extractly idea about real iPad.

you can browse the internet using virtual ipad just like real ipad. It is most compatible with internet functions. You can’t install to real iPad apps to this iPad simulator.

You can install virtual ipad just like normal windows application. currently it  supports for windows OS only.

Go to virtual iPad website

Virtual iPad is different than iPhone Simulator. You can not browse websites with iPhone simulator. However you can’t install new application for both of these software.

This virtual iPad is not iPad 2. It is just like iPad1. according to virtual ipad’s blog they will release virtual iPad 3 as soon as possible

Cahange carrier text, time and more with Sim Finger

Hey! This is the cool trick. first of all you have to download Sim Finger. It is the small application. I have only tested this with my Mac computer. I don’t know about windows version of Sim finger. You can download this tool from following link


Open your iPhone Simulator, Then Open Sim finger.Go to the Control of Sim finger. Now you can change carrier text or time

You Can also install Fake badges to your iPhone Simulator’s applications with Sim finger. Watch the following video and Enjoy with Sim Finger


Build iPhone apps using iPhone Simulator

Nowadays iPhone application development is very worth field. You can get idea about iPhone apps development field watching following video


This video is showing build iPhone apps using Xcode. Xcode provides a real simulator for iPhone as view window. You don’t want to use real iPhone to test application which creates using Xcode. Xcode mainly support to code editing. you can also create your iPhone applications using visual editor. You can drag, drop and edit elements on thier iPhone simulator. You can check it from this video.

You can find more details about visual  iPhone apps building  with iPhone simulator using following web site

How to Buid iPhone apps


IPhone simulator with Safari

Nowadays millions of internet use their iPhones to browse internet. IPhone internet browsing is different than normal web browsing. iPhone screen resolution and very less than comparing computer and It is rotatable.

All major websites are caring about iPhone internet users. Google, Youtube, yahoo, facebook and other websites have iPhone version of their website. If you are a web master you must care about this matter. You don’t have iPhone to test  iPhone version of your website. you can use Apple safari to do this. Apple safari providing you to iPhone Simulator to test your website appearance in iPhones

1) Install Safari to your windows or mac computer.

2) Click Page icon on upper corner.

3) Then Click Developer and click iPhone as your user agent.

4) OK. Now your web browser is really iPhone web simulator

How to customize my iPhone with Gelaskins

You can customize your your Apple iPhone using Gelaskins



Gelaskins is the service which provide beautiful stickers to your apple iPhone. You can find thousands of stickers with thier stores and you can also create your personalized stickers with them.

You can also meet their artist and ask them to create sticker.